The 11 mistakes that people make when they want to eat healthy (yes, you can also fall into them)

“I have removed all the hydrates.” “For a few weeks I will only have fruit.” “If I go to the gym, these little balls do not count.” Surely more than once you have heard some of these phrases to an acquaintance ready to commit to the maximum with a healthier life, to achieve an unbeatable physical and eternal youth (since the dealings with the devil are not as easy as they paint them in movies and novels).

But even if we are willing to sacrifice ourselves and make the most of it, it is easy to fall into blunders when you think you are doing well. Fortunately we have the help of experts willing to explain what we are failing.

1- Base the diet to lose weight in light products

According to Alfonso Méndez, specialist in obesity and overweight and Director of the Unit of these areas of the Centta Institute, when we consume this type of products we are stripped of the guilt of ingesting many calories (they only have 33% less caloric intake) and we We deliver to them without taking into account the other factors , thinking that they do not gain weight and with complacency.

2- To spend the weekends to compensate the good thing that you have been from Monday to Friday

According to Dr. Caroline Apovian, director of the Nutrition Department at Boston Medical Center, restricting what you take from Monday to Friday and giving yourself free on weekends is sabotaging those healthy habits that you’re supposed to be internalizing. Not to mention that during those two days you can eat the calories that you have not taken during the rest of the week and some more along the way.

3- To base the loss of weight only in the diet to lose weight

For Alfonso Méndez weight loss depends on many factors, among which the intake of food and the expense we make through our physical activity or sports. According to this professional of the Psiconutrition, basing only the loss of weight in the diet is a book error since we are only attending to one of the factors .

4- Think that exercise eats extra calories

Yes, exercising is essential to lose weight, as we just told you, but it does not make up for that donut upon leaving the gym or an excess of canes on the weekend. Dr. Apovian explains that things do not work that way and that, in fact, the latest scientific studies on weight loss emphasize that diet is more important than exercise, which does not mean you can spend the afternoon on the couch, But neither should you consider exercise as an excuse to spend with food.

5- Restrict amounts of food

Alfonso Méndez explains that if we reduce the caloric load we receive from food, we are influencing the final energy balance, but this error can lead us to fail quickly. The reason? In situations of food deprivation, our body rebels and sets in motion a mechanism to regulate this lack : it causes more hunger to compensate for that restriction to which we submit and also reduces the expense to counteract the lack of food. Effectively, the move turns against us.

6- Eliminate carbohydrates from the diet and opt only for proteins and vegetables

Lisa DeFazio, the celebrity nutritionist, explains that carbohydrates are not only found in pasta and bread, but also in fruits, vegetables, dairy products, etc. In addition, for this nutritionist, cutting with carbohydrates and replacing them with protein and vegetables is a very popular strategy but it usually ends badly: “when people want to lose weight and eat healthy, they usually say ‘I’m going to cut carbohydrates “Something they do for several days causing blood sugar levels to drop, which usually causes more anxiety and desire to eat carbohydrates In summary: hydrates do not make you gain weight and are very important in your diet. hungry and crammed after, yes, “he explains.

7- Be advised by false professionals

“If he or she has served him, I’m sure it works for me, too, or go to any trickster who promises quick and effective weight loss.” According to Alfonso Méndez, these are some examples of what we should NEVER afford. Each body works differently or needs different things. In the second case, the lack of knowledge, and that of scruples in equal parts, can take you down a path that what you lose besides your money, be your health.

8- Do not count alcohol (because, after all, it is liquid)

For the nutritionist Lisa DiFazio, drinking alcohol or soft drinks and not taking it into account is one of the most common mistakes people make: they forget about the calories in beer, wine, margaritas, etc. Calories come from everywhere, including beverages. In fact, we talk about the beer belly for a reason.

9- Do not take care of yourself emotionally

“There is no doubt that our diet is an expression of our emotional world,” explains psychologist Alfonso Méndez. If there is something that fails, it will be reflected in it. Neglecting this aspect that is seldom taken into account, is one of the main factors in not consolidating a change of lasting and healthy habits. Learn to understand, accept and manage our emotions instead of running away from them, it is the most appropriate way to seek stability that helps us to undertake and maintain any change in our lives. And in the same way as in the previous point indicated which are the reference professionals for matters of the diet, for the modification of behaviors or behaviors, and to work within the field of emotions, which would be contemplated within the scope of health, mental in this case.

10- Not being clear about what we should take between hours

As we already told you in the article We ordered the most healthy snacks unless with the help of the most experts , finding the perfect snack is as complicated as any feat of Indiana Jones. Especially since many products that seem harmless and that we choose frequently are in reality unhealthy options like fruit juices, to give an example.

11- Obsessing with weighing yourself every day

“Weight loss is something that has to be achieved slowly and continuously,” explains Alfonso Méndez, “and you have to give the body the necessary time to adapt to new habits.” Want to check the results before time the only thing that causes is that you get anxious, you get frustrated and you end up losing all the motivation. In addition, the human body does not weigh the same throughout the day, remarks this professional. There are daily, weekly or monthly oscillations. In addition, as we already explained in this article the dietitian and nutritionist Juan Revenga the ideal weight does not exist .

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