The importance of nitrogen balance in the sportsman

If we talk about nitrogen to all we come to mind the chemical element that is. But if we delve a little more into it, we will see that it is a chemical component that we find in the human organism. Nitrogen is obtained through proteins, and therefore it is important consumption of this nutrient in athletes, since the demand for nitrogen is higher by the body during exercise. To do this time we want to stop on this component, particularly in nitrogen balance in the body.

The amount of nitrogen in the body is what determines the anabolic power we have. That is, the body’s nitrogen will determine the muscle state. Therefore it is advisable for athletes to maintain adequate levels of nitrogen. Keep in mind that we consume nitrogen by exercising and subjecting your muscles to stress. We must replenish it through food. Therefore we will make a brief review of the different nitrogen states of the organism.

The importance of nitrogen balance in the sportsmanPositive nitrogen balance

First we have the positive balance of nitrogen. It is the optimal state to which we must arrive and it is that the amount of consumed never exceeds the amounts that we contain in the organism. It is the time when muscles recover better from exercise and achieve an adequate anabolic level. In this way we will be able to yield more, since a muscle with good amounts of nitrogen will be more effective.

Negative nitrogen balance

Second is the negative nitrogen balance . In this case the consumption of nitrogen is greater than that which we have accumulated in the organism. Nitrogen in this case is obtained from the muscles and organs of the body. If we do not replenish it through food we can suffer damage to some organs. At this point it is when the muscles do not yield and we enter the phase known as catabolic, in which we consume the muscles. It is important to replenish the nitrogen through the proteins that we obtain with the feed.

Balanced nitrogen balance

The third balance would balance . In this case we are as we are, that is, the nitrogen consumed is the same as the one eliminated. In this case growth and muscle regeneration does not exist. It is true that it is not a bad state at all, but it is not the most appropriate if what we want is to grow and continue to build a strong muscular mass and respond to exercise.

Effects of lack of nitrogen

Nitrogen would normally eliminated through the urea, that is via the urine, so it is processed by the kidneys and liver. In this case , the excess is not advisable, as we have seen that the lack of it affect us as it will make our much weaker and exposed to attack by free radicals and bacteria bodies. The ideal is to always have nitrogen load and be greater than the consumed.

Some tips for getting a good nitrogen balance

To get a positive nitrogen load through the feed we will recommend a high quality protein intake that we can find in eggs, white meats, lean meats, protein-rich vegetables, legumes and cereals. The recommended dose is about 2 grams per kilo of body weight per day in people who practice sports or have a high activity. This will serve as a guarantee to us as to whether or not we are carrying out an adequate nitrogen charge. In case of not reaching these levels, we can help us with food supplements. Although it is always better to get it through a healthy and balanced diet.

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