The material you need to practice Yoga wherever you go

If you are thinking of starting to practice Yoga (we already explained how you can start from your own home some time ago) surely one of the things you ask yourself is what you need to get down to work.

What type of clothes is the best for you? What type of mat? Do you need special accessories to practice Yoga at home? We solve your doubts below.

The basics: a good mat or mat

We begin with the primordial. The only thing you need to practice Yoga at home (or in the park, or wherever you want) is a good mat or mat, basically to be more comfortable and not to hurt your back in certain positions that are adopted in the sessions.

A good Yoga mat is thin, stable and with adequate traction to facilitate movements

How should this mat or mat be? We should look at a few characteristics, such as its thickness. Normally the yoga mats are usually quite thin, between three and four millimeters thick. This is enough to isolate us from the ground (if it is hard or cold) and so that they are not very unstable and benefit us when doing balancing asanas. Look also at the size and make sure you fit well when you are lying down and fully stretched.

We must also look at the durability of the material and how much we are willing to invest in the mat: a good Yoga mat can last for years, even if it is a little more expensive. There are also people who want the material on the mat to be respectful of the environment, something that can increase the price a little.

Finally, we must also take into account where we are going to take our yoga mat: if we have to take it out of the house to go to classes it is good to see that it is a lightweight and easy to transport mat . If we are only going to use it at home, maybe this aspect is not so important.

Accessories for a Yoga class

Do you need accessories to practice Yoga? They are not essential, but they will undoubtedly facilitate our practice of this discipline. The accessories most used by yogis are two: belts and blocks.

The yoga straps we facilitate stretching and some of the positions they will hold if we do not have too much flexibility (which, remember, will improve over time and with practice). They are usually made of nylon and are very durable. In its most homemade version, we can use a belt, which can save a class.

The blocks of Yoga are small “bricks” made of cork or foam that, like the belts, give us certain positions. Both the bricks and the blocks are very affordable, so if we need them my recommendation is that we buy them (the blocks do not cost more than 10 euros, and the belts are usually in the same price range), especially if we know that We are going to practice Yoga with some assiduity.

The clothes to practice Yoga

When it comes to practicing Yoga, the most important thing is that we are comfortable with the clothes we wear, regardless of whether it is a pair of wide pants or tights, an oversize shirt or a top. The comfort and adaptability to perform the different asanas or postures should be the most important factor when choosing clothes to practice Yoga.

It is true that, if we are receiving a class, the tightest clothing makes it easier for the teacher to be able to correct us , since he will be able to see more easily the position of the extremities and joints. But what is said: the most important thing is that we are comfortable with the clothes we wear to concentrate on the class and the asanas.

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