The risk of death is twice as great for low physical condition as for overweight or obesity

What is more important to have a good physical condition even if you are overweight or have a low physical condition but have a good body mass index ?

More than proven, having a good physical condition is much more important for your health.

Physical condition vs. overweight and obesity

The objective of a meta-analysis carried out by great experts in the field was to quantify the joint association between cardiorespiratory fitness and weight status (body mass index) on mortality from all causes.

The results indicated that the risk of death depends on the level of cardiorespiratory fitness and not on the body mass index.

Therefore, individuals who are overweight or obese do not automatically have an increased risk of mortality from all causes.

These findings are promising for all individuals, including those who can not lose weight or maintain weight loss, as all can experience significant health benefits by developing and maintaining a moderate level of cardiorespiratory fitness by regularly doing physical activity ( walking step by step light, run as much as possible, ride a bike , etc.).

In turn, these findings have important implications for public health, since it is concluded that people with low physical condition have twice the risk of death regardless of the body mass index , while overweight and obese people with good physical condition have a mortality risk similar to that of their normal weight counterparts.

People with low physical condition have twice the risk of death from any cause, regardless of the body mass index

More emphasis on physical activity

Once again, the importance and power of physical activity in our health is demonstrated. Please, everyone should be aware of once in which exercise is absolutely essential for their lives.

But one thing. That meta-analysis study (I remember that a meta-analysis has the highest level of scientific evidence) has concluded, in a simple way, that it is better to be overweight and active, to be “skinny” and sedentary, does not mean that now I can eat anything and get bloated while doing physical activity.

Common sense, the sum of physical activity and adequate food will always be superior, that is obvious.

What it does mean is that you should not focus all your attention on losing weight and lend much more in leading an active life and in having a good physical condition.

In turn, researchers, clinicians, and public health officials should also focus more on interventions based on physical activity rather than on weight-loss-driven approaches to reduce the risk of mortality .

Much more attention should be given to the promotion of physical activity and cardiorespiratory fitness as a means to reduce the risk of disease and death.

However, it is necessary to continue working, especially on how to translate and disseminate successful physical activity programs to achieve greater reach and impact among all populations.

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