The Types of Problem Drinking

When it comes to spotting alcoholism in a friend or a family member, it can initially be quite difficult. There are many warning signs of a person who is becoming dependent on alcohol, but here are a few of the differences between different types of alcohol consumption…

What is Alcoholism?

Alcoholism is the most of all drink related problems – it leads to poor health, and conditions such as heart disease, some cancers and Korsakoff syndrome  . Someone who suffers from alcoholism, will usually tend to put alcohol as the highest priority in their life. It will be placed above work or family commitments and can often lead to job losses and family relationship breakdowns. A person suffering from alcoholism will have a tolerance to alcohol so often they are able to consume huge quantities, and they often suffer from withdrawal symptoms if they stop drinking.

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What is Harmful Drinking or Problem Drinking?

Harmful drinking is not the same as alcoholism, although it can also have negative consequences. An example of harmful drinking is drinking too much and then picking a fight with someone and being arrested. If a pattern starts to develop, this can also lead to alcoholism.

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What is Binge Drinking?

Binge drinking is where a large amount of alcohol is consumed in a small period of time – for example a night out where someone has ten pints, a round of shots and a whisky – that would definitely count as binge drinking and it is not healthy!

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