Three workout routines to get in shape with your partner

If you have decided to exercise as a couple and together go to the gym, go jogging or go swimming, today we leave three alternatives to your usual training: routines to get in shape with your partner, without any equipment.

Three workout routines to get in shape with your partnerRoutine 1: Steel Abdomen in Couple

If your goal is to strengthen the abdomen, this ideal routine to perform as a couple is an excellent option, as it proposes 9 intense exercises that we can perform without any equipment wherever we are.

The exercises proposed are as follows:

With these movements we will strengthen the rectus abdominis, external and internal obliques and also, deep musculature of the middle or core , such as lumbar and transverse abdominal.

Likewise, we will work the stability and coordination, being able to intensely train also have fun as a couple.

It is advisable to perform these exercises as a circuit, performing 15 to 20 repetitions of each movement about two or three times.

Routine 2: Fullbody

To burn calories, tone the whole body and strengthen different muscles as a couple, we can implement the following fullbody routine :

To work pectorals and triceps especially, this routine proposes to perform push-ups with palms with the partner in between each repetition, while to train the middle partof the body and burn calories we can perform plank and burpees with jumping, making one the abdominal plate and another the burpees with jump to the other side of the pair, later to change of position and movement.

In order to specifically train the abdomen we can perform sit ups with clapping so that the legs are hooked with those of your partner and you feel faced with it to touch your hand in each repetition.

To work the whole lower train the routine proposes us to do squats or squats working facing each other. And again for the abdomen, flights of legs with the help of our partner.

Between a movement and another they propose 30 seconds of rest that we can reduce if we have long been training and the repetitions of each exercise are indicated although it is always possible to modify them according to our objective and level of training.

Routine 3: HIIT to burn fat

Working in the best Tabata style, performing 6 intervals of 20 seconds each alternating with each other for 10 seconds of rest, we can burn fat and tone different muscles at the same time:

With a different exercise at each interval, we should try to perform the largest number of repetitions in the 20 seconds that each interval lasts, aiming to achieve intense training in just 3 minutes.

We will work lower train with squats or squats, then pectorals and arms with push-ups, different muscles of the body with burpees, abs with leg elevations crossing the same ones above those of our pair, jumping jacks to work middle zone and lower train while we burn calories and finally, abdominal plate with claps to work abdomen intensely.

You have three training routines to get in shape with your partner, wherever you are and without needing specific elements or specific sports equipment. There are no excuses to start the activity!

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