Walking for your Health this Winter

During the winter it is easy to feel lethargic and want to stay indoors in the warm. But by doing this you could actually be doing your health damage, both physically and mentally. So, wrap up warm in cosy coats, Aran sweaters and some sturdy walking boots and head outdoors for a brisk walk this winter.

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Walking is a fantastic form of exercise – it is easily accessible, free of charge and is a great way to explore new places. If you walk in a natural area, like a forest, the coast or even a park, you will notice that this is hugely beneficial to your mental health – so if you are experiencing the January blues this is a great way to overcome them.

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Walking can also help you to lower your risk of many health conditions. Heart disease is a huge killer in the UK and by taking a daily walk, you can lower your chances of ending up with heart disease, as well as other cardiovascular illnesses such as heart attack, stroke or high blood pressure.

Make a daily walk something that is a normal part of your daily life and you will soon start to notice an improvement in your health as well as your mood. You can even incorporate it into normal parts of your life such as by walking to the shop for food rather than driving or walking to work. Think about ways that you can include walks – for example, when meeting a friend go for a walk with a drink rather than sitting in somewhere like a café.

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