What is the White Paper on Homeopathy?

Did you know that homeopathy can help treat diseases acute, chronic or serve as a supplement in palliative care ?, This therapeutic method becomes one of our best allies to improve our own wellbeing and now called White Book  of Homeopathy aims to To be known among the population.

More and more people in our country is interested by the benefits that homeopathy can bring to your health, even though today still finished not exert a great influence, when compared with its dominant presence In other European states, which use their properties and beneficial effects for the improvement of their own well-being.

What is the White Paper on HomeopathyThe Boiron Research Chair, Teaching and Dissemination of Homeopathy University of Zaragoza, in the reality of this therapeutic method in today ‘s society, has chosen to enhance the knowledge of homeopathy from an initiative that is completely pioneer in our country and consistent release called White Paper Homeopathy. 

About the White Paper on Homeopathy 

In this literary work, which already stands as a reference in this field of health, they realize issues that go beyond the mere definition of this method. In addition to this fundamental point in the White Paper is aware of the main characteristics of homeopathic medicine , regulation of this sector, the social reality and assistance revolves around this theme, some figures of interest on your presence today or how the world reacts general health before the arrival and influence increasingly outstanding of homeopathy .

This literary work, which also constitutes the first comprehensive and detailed analysis on homeopathy, not only be useful for patients but also for doctors and the Administration professionals as a support for a type of treatment A proven efficacy in the improvement in the health and well-being of the people before certain affections.

As detailed in the previous lines, the homeopathy is useful to treat acute diseases like flu or diarrhea, but can also serve for chronic conditions. If you look at the data and official figures we realize the ever increasing demand for homeopathy in our society. According to I Study on the knowledge and use of homeopathy conducted by Boiron Laboratories, the 29% of peopless uses this therapeutic method for treating allergy problems a 39% to cope with anxiety, insomnia or stress and finally an outstanding 52% makes use of this method to treat flu symptoms.

Coinciding last April 10 with the celebration of International Homeopathy Day in Barcelona during the event consisting in the disclosure of the White Paper was revealed, among other things, that seven out of ten people in this community you would be delighted for more information on the effects and benefits of homeopathic medicines from your doctor’s explanations. 

Do you guys Had you heard about the White Paper Homeopathy? What do you think the benefits of this therapeutic method had some knowledge ? Virtues for our health?

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