What to do in case of dislocation?

A dislocation or dislocation is a joint injury due to trauma, accidents or collisions in sports, where they appear involved the large joints, being located more frequently in the shoulder, while children suffer dislocations of elbow and fingers like thumb.

Usually it displayed for a while, so it will be necessary to immobilize the joint and can lead to pain and swelling sudden and severe.

What to do in case of dislocationSymptoms of dislocation

The symptoms are varied may have a dislocation, such as:

– Shown visibly deformed.

– The affected area has inflammation.

– There is intense pain, because it is impossible to move.

– May appear tingling or numbness near the lesion.

How to deal with a dislocation

If they suffer a dislocation, consider the following tips to take action for their solution.

– It is essential that in these cases of dislocation, need to seek medical attention immediately.

– Do not move the joint, so please splinting the affected joint fixed in position and you should not try to move it, because you can damage it even more and even the muscles, ligaments and nerves.

– You can put ice on the injured joint, which can help reduce inflammation in the injured joint.

– As an initial solution, a practice is closed reduction without surgery, along with the drugs necessary for sedation, which will help facilitate the reduction.

-The Joint is immobilized in a sling to reduce the risk of a recurrence.

– The total downtime is variable, and a balance between stability and loss of shoulder movement will be necessary.

– After the time it considers the doctor, he will proceed with rehabilitation without major complications and about 12- 16 weeks will be healing and return to normal life after that time.

If you ever have the misfortune to make one, I hope these tips to know what to do in case of dislocation are useful to you.

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