Work at home your legs with the help of a simple chair

The furniture in our house can be a great help when it comes to training our body. So this time we are going to stop at how useful we can be a simple chair when it comes to working body parts at home. Surely we have never seen this furniture as a training tool, but surely after reading this we changed our minds and we will know that we have a whole gym at home without knowing it.

Work at home your legs with the help of a simple chairIt is true that with a simple chair can be performed countless exercises to work many parts of the body. We on this occasion will focus on the lower train. For this we will serve with a simple chair. To be able to be resistant and if it is simple, that is to say, with its frame without more will be better. This is because the padding will not help us anything when properly performing the different movements.

Step with kick

Firstly we will recommend performing an exercise that will help us work out quadriceps and buttocks especially. The way to do this will be to stand in front of the chair. The seat will serve as an apparatus to perform the whole exercise. To do this we will raise the right foot, for example, until it is placed on the seat of the chair. We will lift ourselves upright, by working our legs. When we are up with the left leg, instead of supporting it in the seat, we will raise it upwards with the knee flexed trying to carry it to the chest. This same movement will be done with both legs.

Sitting leg elevation

Another exercise we can do will work the part of the quadriceps is to sit in the chair as if we were to eat. In this posture and keeping your back straight at all times what we do will be very simple. We will simply raise one leg forward. For example, we can start with the right and do it gently and concentrating when lifting the leg in full. Then we will do it with the other. It is true that it is a simple exercise that will simply help us tone. We can complicate it more by placing an ankle with weight or a rubber that we will tie a rear leg of the chair and ankle, so that it opposes resistance and costs us more to raise our legs.

Bridge hip lift

The next exercise we are going to recommend will work the buttocks part mainly. To do this we will lie down in front of the chair looking up. The feet will support them on the edge of the chair while the knees will be bent and the legs raised from the floor at a right angle. The back and the back will be supported. But once we have our feet on the edge of the chair, we will raise the buttocks so that the back will be supported by the top. What we do will be, through the action of the buttocks and indirectly the quadriceps, to move the hips inwards and outwards contracting the buttocks to the maximum to work the muscles of this area.

Bulgarian squat

To continue working the part of the buttocks and the quadriceps we propose to stand with our backs to the chair. In this posture we will be pulling back one of the legs so that the tip of the foot is resting on the seat and the leg practically stretched. The other leg will be placed a little further forward, so that the foot is fully supported on the floor and knee flexed. In this posture, and with your back straight facing forward, what we do will be going up and down by the action of the leg muscles that we have leaning and advancing on the ground. It is important that when bending the knee of this leg we do not exceed the tip of the foot, so the further forward the leg resting on the floor and the one on the chair,

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