Working as a Paramedic on an ambulance as an emergency responder.

First on the scene of an emergency medical situation is normally a Paramedic, the senior member of an elite two-person crew.  They respond as quickly as possible, in an ambulance that is kitted out with all the equipment they might need to deal with most critical, medical situations. The Paramedic must make quick decisions on medical care, assess the situation calmly and effectively and deal with any injured patients treating them accordingly. The other member of this elite two, occasionally three-person crew is an emergency care assistant or technician.

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Having an in-depth knowledge of first-aid and medical treatments they have to attend many serious road accidents and trauma situations, using their training and personal skills to treat any injured patients in order of priority, depending on their level of critical health. Often working alongside the two other emergency services, the Police and the Fire brigade they have to be able to co-ordinate their operations and work together.

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Particularly where serious road traffic accidents are concerned, while the Paramedics save the lives of the casualties on the roadside, the police direct traffic and keep other motorists safe, while the firemen clear away any debris or chemical spillage using Chemical Spill Kits from Hyde Park Environmental who specialise in providing these inclusive Chemical Spill Kits.  These elite kits can clean and neutralise a chemical spillage quickly and safely, leaving the road fit to be used again as soon as all the casualties are taken to hospital.

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