5 kitchen items that you can not put in the dishwasher

The dishwasher is one of those appliances that make our life easier in our day to day. Surely more than one occasion you are wondering if you could get a certain object cooking in the dishwasher.

Today, we will make a small review of some kitchen items that many people still get into the dishwasher, but not to get if we keep them for many years.

Forget scissors and knives sharp

If you want, your scissors and knives sharp and continue to follow accurately cutting, forget placing them in the dishwasher. The blade is very sharp, and with hot water and detergents, can deteriorate and lose the edge. Therefore, the best, wash by hand and dry them immediately.

5 kitchen items that you can not put in the dishwasherNonstick pans

Nonstick pans and pots should also avoid washing them in the dishwasher. With the high water temperatures, they lose their nonstick properties and few washes your food could begin to stick to cooking. As sharp knives, you had better wash them by hand and with a soft pad to avoid damaging the protective cover.

Wooden utensils

Yes, we know. At the end of cooking, the best is to put the dishwasher spoons, cutting boards, bowls, salad bowls and other wooden utensils. However, doing so, the water swells the wood dishwasher and furthermore, these objects may lose their protective coating. Similarly, it is not good to put cutlery with wooden handle.

The fine glassware

The cups and glasses of fine or hand – decorated glassware cannot get into the dishwasher, unless we want to lose brightness, is scratched, or in the worst case, appears broken.

The gold-plated tableware

After years of being condemned to bottom of cabinet mothers and grandmothers, the gold – plated dinnerware are more fashionable than ever. Just do not you dare put them in the dishwasher, because in a few washes the decor may disappear in gold?

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