7 Ideas for winter color

When you least you expect, how to decorate the house in the month that begins the real cold? Do we opted for taking every detail to the holidays or opted for a quieter court? Rustic or contemporary? Are there shades prohibited during the last season or are prejudices? Today I wanted to bring you a collection of color ideas to wear this winter. I hope they will inspire and surprise alike, there’s something for everyone!

7 Ideas for winter color1) Christmas Classics

We started by stereotypes, which are never a negative trait, quite the opposite. Garnish with classic palette Christmas is back to basics and give the house a winter, familiar and welcoming personality. Colors combined with white red and green neutral both in funds and prints are traditional bet for this month.

2) Discover the cake

To create a sweet, but not necessarily child’s environment, we can turn to the alternative of pastel tones. Any choice between the brightest points of colors like pink, yellow or blue can make a warm and delicate feeling.

3) All textures

Why think straight when you can play with many frames? The use of textures can give a very nice touch both surfaces and furniture protagonists as in the details. We found a style more akin to this cold season in the half- widths pictures, geometric patterns, animal prints and even more specific reasons as gifts, deer or fir.

4) Getting lost in the woods

Although it sounds contradictory, recreate an outdoor environment indoors can bring a lot of warmth. A recurring winter landscape is a forest or a mountain, so we can take the color references of nature as inspiration: strong shades of green, blue or brown mixed with rustic details in dark natural wood.

5) Inside Elegance

Another option for home wear especially this time is to go to the idea that will be identified in days of celebrations visit us, most likely, many more people than usual. So it is my fifth choose decorative proposal as elegant as festive colors, where kings are gold and silver. The combinations that offer both can be a perfect balance between sober and homely.

6) Come into force

A very powerful and full idea of style is the tendency to choose strong colors to contrast with neutral bases, white, black or gray. The system consists of choosing a single color, such as purple, and following it to combine its most striking varieties: pink, purple, etc., to cover the entire space. The final effect cannot be more immerse.

7) Heat Palette

And finally, for the most innovative, or nostalgic, I will pose a challenge: keep summery colors in a house in the winter? Of course it can. Full of light tones like blues and bright yellows can be imposed on any interior against the cold with a shock strategy. It is not only original, but it is a challenge for lover’s decoration. I invite you to try to discover amazing results.

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