A beginner’s guide to meter box covers

A meter box cover is a protective box that keeps a gas, electricity or water meter of a property from being exposed to the elements, such as rain, snow, and ice. Meter box covers are usually made from plastic or metal and come in a variety of colours and styles.

Replacing a meter box cover

Sometimes a meter box cover can become damaged and will need to be replaced. A metal meter box is a good choice as it is long lasting and available in a range of styles to suit your property. A metal meter box will not only help to protect your meters from the elements, but will also help to prevent further damage from occurring. A metal meter box can ensure that small animals such as mice cannot easily get inside the box, chewing cables and wires and potentially causing a fire. A metal meter box also stops debris such as leaves from getting inside, which can cause damage.

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It is down to the homeowner to fit a metal meter box. Help and advice is available from reputable companies who can advise on the type of cover you may need, such as www.meterbox.co.uk/.

What tools do I need?

Once you have measured and ordered a new replacement box, it is really easy to fit. Special tools are usually not required, as the replacement box will come with the required pins. The frame should already come with pre-drilled holes into which the pins will slot. Depending on the style of door ordered, it will usually take around 10 minutes to replace the door. A metal meter box door replacement will have easy to read instructions, which a homeowner can follow.

Legal Standards and Regulations

Every meter box must meet UK approved standards – BS 8567:2012. It is important to check that any replacement metal meter box is compliant with the appropriate regulations.

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When replacing a cover, always buy from a reputable company. Check that covers meet the standards, and always ask for advice if needed. Any reputable company will be happy to help with your queries.

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