Bedroom decorating trends for 2015-2016

Combined with other shades that evolve to pink, materials such as marble, incorporating reading lamps, plant motifs in the decoration and accessories such as ethnic prints or origami become some of the orange trends highlights for decorating your bedroom in the 2015-2016 season, do you want to know more details? All that is exposed in such prestigious events becomes undoubtedly a great source of inspiration for us.

The latest in decor for bedrooms 2015-2016

Some of the lines will continue this season is:

In regard to duvet covers, one of the essential materials for our team rest, we highlight the undeniable presence of animal print, which has occupied both clothing designs and other trends in decoration. For this season, this style is combined with beige, which provide elegance and simplicity.

Bedroom decorating trends for 2015-2016Equally interesting it is the predominance of navy style, adjusting to the more classic colors like blue hue that appears to move the sea in seconds. Nor should we overlook the floral designs printed on its surface, betting on white backgrounds on which sometimes can see subtle nuances of flowers and in other cases a greater prevalence of these vegetables will bring joy and color to stay.

To break with the classicism of smooth colors, duvets also are going to be dominated by floral and tropical print in green hues.

One of the star materials this upcoming season will be the marble for both small tables bedrooms and living rooms as computer tables. Although you can see a significant predominance of white marble, we can also be found in other colors such as red, brown or green.

-Another Of the essentials of this season we find represented in the hoses, both small and XL format. For bedrooms, if they are standing, you can place them next to the bed. However, if we refer to other rooms such as dining rooms or kitchens the best option is to hang on the wall. Besides copper or silver, the flexor this season are usually made of old gold, a must have that you must not miss.

-The Curtains and cushions will be dominated by the presence of tropical prints and ethnic, that besides offering an original touch to our stay, we also bring color and joy to the bedroom. Not inconsiderable is not making small objects for decorating tables or furniture finishes reminiscent of the art of origami.

-The Carpets, meanwhile, have a somewhat worn appearance. Compositions are shown in one above the other, with a clear predominance of grays, greens and neutrals as a backdrop.

-Finally As to the color palette, in general, will dominate this and other rooms of the house for the next season, we have to highlight the very influential gray paper, combined with mustard and yellows, used in the furniture and ins.

Likewise, we highlight the predominance of red most intense Marsala until burgundy tones that you can combine with greyish pink or even intense yellow or gray. Nor should we overlook the combination of orange with shades that reach the pink with a significant influence of corals, combined with white and gray.

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