Businesses that started in garage spaces

We tend to think of the garage as a place where the car lives. However, it’s become a place of more creative endeavour than simple vehicle storage. All over the UK people have been turning the humble garage into art studios, home gyms, craft rooms, games rooms, pubs and even offices. In fact, car insurers are finding car owners are using the garage less and less for the actual car. The space itself represents a great opportunity and it’s where a lot of large and successful companies have been born. Whatever you’re using the garage for you need to have some decent doors. That’s where a Garage Doors Bristol based company like can be of great service. Here are some examples of businesses that started in a garage.

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  1. Amazon. It’s very hard to believe that the billion-pound industry juggernaut that is Amazon started out with Jeff Bezo’s in his garage and a bunch of books. He had had a successful career on Wall Street and was using the money he’d made to start a new business. It took some time for it to really take off though, over a year before his first sale.
  2. Microsoft. The computer operating system of the world was begun in a garage. Bill Gates and Paul Allen were great with computers and how to programme them. The one thing they lacked was a space to work. The garage seemed like the most likely place to use. They began to sell MS-DOS and the rest is ongoing history.

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  1. Apple. The other tech giants and Microsoft rivals also began in a Garage, Steve Jobs Mum’s to be precise. After Steve Wozniak built a $500 dollar computer and sold it he started to get more orders. Working solidly in the garage the two built the 50 new orders and began to build an Empire.
  2. Harley Davison. A North American classic was built in the garage. Willam Harley and Arthtur Davison designed and built the iconic roadster to cruise the USA’s highways and byways.
  3. Disney. Walt and his brother might not have dreamed they would have a company that owns Star Wars, the MCU and a family entertainment business that spans the globe. In 1923 they began work on some animation called the Alice Comedies. They soon ran out of room in their Uncle’s garage and moved to larger premises. However, by that point the seeds of success had already been sown.

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