Can you replace windows in winter?

Replacing windows is no small task. Homeowners naturally wish to make the process as painless as possible and often opt for the summer months, but let’s take a look at whether you can replace your windows in winter.

Unpredictable weather

Many homeowners choose to wait until the summer months to replace their windows. This is because it is warmer and less likely to rain, avoiding a chilly indoors and the potentially wet weather of spring. However, with climate change, British summers are no longer guaranteed to be warm or dry, so replacing windows Worcester does not have to wait until the summer.

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An expert installer such as will assess your home thoroughly before beginning the work and plan meticulously to make sure the replacements fit perfectly before removing the existing windows. They can also use weatherproofing while working if needed and will close the doors of the rooms in which they are working to prevent heat loss.

Why it can be a good idea to opt for winter

Opting for winter for window replacements can be a good idea for several reasons; for example, as people tend to opt for summer to replace their windows, glaziers tend to be much more flexible about appointment times in the winter months and there can be less of a wait for an appointment to fit your schedule. Another benefit is that homeowners who are feeling the draft from poor or single-glazed windows can feel the benefits of window replacement almost immediately.

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For many people, there is often no choice as to when they should replace their windows; for example, they may need new windows promptly if their windows have failed or they have recently moved home and are renovating to a tight timeline.

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