Common Tree Problems

Tree problems, like other problems, can be fixed easily if they are discovered early enough. A common problem among trees is bark beetles. Bark beetles will destroy a tree and any other nearby trees if the larvae get to them. The beetles eat the trees’ bark, making it soft and weak. It is possible to treat these beetles yourself, but the best option is to call a professional. For Tree Surgery Gloucester, visit a site like Geoffrey Urch, a specialist in Tree Surgery Gloucester.

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Another problem that can affect your trees is rot, a problem caused by insects such as white-flies and moths. The rot will eventually eat away at the bark of the tree, causing it to decay and fall apart. Rot cannot be fixed by a home remedy, but there are some steps you can take to avoid rot occurring in your trees. One of the easiest steps is to make sure you have a regular pest control program in place. This means calling the company twice a year and making sure they have the proper equipment and a clean room to treat your trees.

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Other common tree problems are insects and diseases that can impact your trees and their roots. Common pests include white-flies, leafhoppers, bed bugs, hornworms, snails, carpenter ants, and many others. Common insect infestations include aphids, scale insects, carpenter ants, mealy bugs, and mosquitoes. These bugs feed on the tree roots and can cause damage to the tree.

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