Discovering styles: Happy Chic

Today I want to expand this section with a style that, despite having a few years in action, I discovered just recently and it seems perfect to open this spring season. This is the Happy Chic, or how to transform your home into the happiest place in the world.

Color explosion

The Happy Chic is an eccentric, funny and even a little childish style. Betting on brighter colors, to fluorine, and the presence of cheerful prints and bright … all mixed! Neutral colors such as gray or white are prohibited beyond the surfaces. Also it has a lot of retro, bet on the ornaments bordering on the excessive: Tassels, borders, pompoms, dimples, fringe, lace, bright … And the variety of materials and textures: wood, plastic, wool, stickers, ceramics…

Discovering styles Happy ChicBrighten the view

Happy Chic trend bears some similarities to the kitsch as it may create overloaded environments, especially in terms of colors and the abundance of decorative details of different styles. However, although the creator of this stream – Jonathan Adler enemy of minimalism manifests its proposals are not based decoration both collecting or fetishism as with kitsch , simply bet to add to our compositional choices all what we like separate, leaving a little aside that together can more or less out of tune. Anything goes!

Not a sad face

The principle of Happy Chic decor is your home into a space that brings together all the elements that make you happy, hence its name. It is a decorative option that is based on freedom without ties or pre aesthetic canons: if I like it, I put it. And within the happiness you seek, also it uses much humor, so that the pictures and funny prints (children, animals, superheroes, smileys) are as welcome as junk or bizarre objects that could be found in the aforementioned retro or kitsch styles. This is another style that focuses more maximalism. The slogan that drives Adler is “good design is always antidepressant”.

Fluffy happiness

It is also important for this style make everything as comfortable as possible, as it will also affect the well – being they feel both tenants and guests. He prefers curves on angular shapes, soft and soft textures, and of course the use of numerous cushions, each print that we like. The textile is very important for this aesthetic trend, so abundant use of draperies and other fabrics, always colorful and fun. First of all, it is a very bold style and which do not be afraid to make decisions. Do you dare with him?

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