Downsizing and moving to the West Midlands

Many older couples whose adult children have moved away from home, think about downsizing and moving to another part of the country, possibly the West Midlands, to be closer to family and friends.  Selling a large family sized house and moving to a smaller more manageable bungalow makes perfect sense as you grow older.  Financially, you should be much better off, with a profitable, cash lump sum being made when the bigger property is sold and also less maintenance to worry about.  If you are in this enviable position and are seriously thinking of selling your large family home, the first thing to do is get the house market ready.  Fresh paint on the walls and a quick declutter, alongside clean floors and a tidy garden makes your home immediately have more curb appeal and hopefully will attract the buyer’s attention, so you get the asking price you want.

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Once you have an offer in place, packing up your belongings and getting them into a Self Storage Dudley container as quickly as possible ready for your big move is critical. These practical storage solutions to keeping your valuables safe and secure while you find the right property can be easily sourced from a professional company such as https://www.anchorselfstorage.  Once you have found the perfect new bungalow for you then put your carefully laid plans into action and enjoy the procedures of having new floors laid, a fabulous kitchen and bathroom suite installed and painting the walls and ceilings to make this house your Home.

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Having all your belongings safely under lock and key in a storage unit close by, means you can get all the painting and decorating done first without worrying about moving heavy pieces of furniture or getting paint on your precious ornaments.  With the sizable lump sum of money, you will have made on the sale of your large family house you will have the financial means in place to not only turn this bungalow into your ideal home, but you’ll have enough in the bank to enjoy living there. Being close to family and friends you can spend quality time with them and not have to worry about having the money to spoil them occasionally. Enjoy having the freedom to travel if you want to or just stay at home and relax knowing you are financially stable.

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