Finding Land to Build on in London

For many people, the way to get the home of their dreams is to design and build it themselves. However, if your dream is to do this in London, you might think that you will fall at the first hurdle, with land in the city being scarce.

However, although it can be a lot harder to find a suitable building plot in London, it is certainly not impossible. Although finding a site that has not previously been developed will be pretty much impossible, there are brownfield sites, and plots of land that certainly can be used to build on.

Another option that you might want to explore if you want to build your own place in London, is buying a property and then developing it and making changes to it to make it your own. Find an architect like this residential architects Mayfair based company who will be able to help you get the design and plan ready.

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Once you have found a property or some land, you are then going to have to get the permission to be able to build and make the changes that you want. This is something else an architect will be able to help you with as they have a good knowledge of planning laws and what you need to do in order to get permission.

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You should also be aware that because land in London is harder to come by, prices of both land and property are higher than in the rest of the UK, so be sure to do research on the costs involved and make sure that they fit with your budget.

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