Floor cushions

Normally, the cushions have them on sofas or in beds. We use them as an ornament or to lean on them. However, they can also be good seats for the floor.

If you have looked at the oriental decorative styles, you will have noticed that the cushions on the floor are an essential element. This does not mean that your home has to accept a marked Oriental style if you do not want to.

Floor cushionsAlthough Oriental trends use the cushions on the floor to sit at mealtime, you can place them for other times. You have two options, use small or large cushions. If you decide on the first alternative, then you can create a ‘mountain’ of cushions until the floor is well cushioned. Such solutions are often made in large rooms and downloaded environments.

On the other hand, if you want you are big cushions, you’ll simply a couple of them. In the market you can find all kinds of large cushions, of different materials, hardness and wide. The ones you choose will depend on both the style that your home follows and the use you are going to give it. If you are going to use them very occasionally, you should not worry as much about their comfort as if they will be habitual in your day to day. As for the rooms that can fit well, we recommend rooms and bedrooms.

In the latter, if you have a spare space near the bed, but not large enough to accommodate a sofa, a pair of cushions can be the perfect alternative to the bed and desk chair to sit more relaxed with your laptop. Do you know where you’re going to put them? Dare to get out of the ordinary and throw the cushions to the floor!

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