Hot bathroom designs for 2016

Gone are the days when the bathroom was the forgotten room of the house. We now expect our bathrooms to offer us a place to escape to, where we can relax, rejuvenate, transform and preen.

Hot bathroom designs for 2016

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The boutique hotel has provided inspiration for many current bathroom trends. This look involves taking the touches of opulence you would expect to find in such a hotel and using them in your home. Think touches such as an extra-wide bath ledge − you will need somewhere to rest your glass of wine − and large ceramic tiles or marble, which require less grout-lines and create a clean, minimal look. Dedicate a wall to a large, well-lit bathroom mirror to create the illusion of more space and ensure that the room is always welcoming and warm, such as by considering the benefits of aluminium radiators.

Another way to create a decadent haven is to consider the size and metal finish of your taps and shower. Brushed steel, brass, gold, silver and platinum all compete with stainless in 2016.

Maximise your space

With UK bathrooms getting smaller, a key trend is the use of ingenious space-saving bathroom furniture and products. Many retailers are now marketing small bathroom solutions with ranges of slim basins, compact toilets and modular pieces that can be customised to best suit and maximise your space.

With good lighting, a small bathroom no longer means staying away from this year’s darker colours. To create a luxurious and relaxing space, darker shades of grey are very on trend, as are dull matte greens, rouge and dark purple. These shades are perfect for creating that boutique hotel ambiance.


With the safety requirements surrounding electricity and water, you could be forgiven for thinking that there is no room for technology in the bathroom; however, you would be wrong.

Low-voltage LED lighting or an aluminium radiator from a supplier such as Apollo aluminium radiators are almost essentials. If you really want to ensure your bathroom is as tech-reliant as the rest your home, consider a Bluetooth-enabled musical bathroom mirror, or showers and taps that can be controlled with a phone or tablet.

There are plenty of options that suit a range of styles and budgets to keep you on trend for 2016, ensuring that this essential room is as stylish as it is practical.

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