How to deal with nuisance trees

Trees are beautiful and important for life, but a tree can become a nuisance sometimes. Many trees do not cause anybody any problems and are a critical source of oxygen and house countless varieties of wildlife. However, if you have a tree near your property that is dangerous, you may be aware of it starting to cause problems because of the roots. It will help to find all potential solutions by knowing the problems caused by roots, soil type, and how deep your foundations are. A Tree Surgeon Bournemouth like Kieran Boyland can be of great help.

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Physical Damage

A tree that sits too close to any property, old or new, can cause overhanging branches to cause harm. Especially in windy weather, the branches can rub against roof material and guttering. Roots expanding outward are often strong enough to lift paving stones and related lightweight materials such as sheds, summerhouses and garages.

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This happens primarily on shrinkable clay soil and mainly affects properties that would have much shallower foundations that were developed before 1950. Due to encroaching tree roots, structural damage can occur. These are also the types of properties which are likely to have trees that are far more mature.


Roots are also able to penetrate drains and cause blockages. Cavities may be created by a leak from a blocked drain where the water seeps into the soil. The older the drain, due to worn seals and rigid joints, the more vulnerable it is to such problems. Naturally, tree roots would move in the direction of accessible water, which is why they turn into drains. Roots would not be drawn to a watertight drain.

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