How to Have a Blissful Bathroom

If you’ve recently set up a home or want to add some luxury, a romantic bathroom could be just what you’re looking for. It’s easy to overlook the bathroom as a functional room for sanitary details. Still, there is no reason not to indulge your fantasies in including this haven of comfort and privacy too.

Whether you want a gorgeous long soak in a deep tub with a good book, you’ll want to create a setting that fits the mood. Nowadays, the main bathroom is becoming an extension of the main bedroom to become a place for rest, relaxation, pampering, and romance. Lighting is essential to set a mood. Mixing several different types of lighting in soft and flattering tints and the standard overhead lighting allows you to control the space. Low lighting for relaxation and more vital lighting for doing your make-up is ideal.

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Colour choice is based purely on your preference, but the most relaxing theme works by using the same colours but introducing different tones of the colour in a blending effect. This has a soothing effect, whereas using opposite but complementary shades will create a more striking and dramatic look.

A large soaking tub is a must for your romantic bathroom. Cast iron baths are an ideal choice as they add a touch of luxury and indulgence to the room and an air of antiquity and sophistication. If your room is large enough, placing two parallel next to each other creates an intimate bathing space for couples. Matching towel rails and sets will make the room look like a gorgeous Honeymoon Suite.

Window dressing is another way to turn a basic bathroom into a den of luxury. Consider waterproof blinds for this room with softer fabrics draped around the window frame on wall hooks, for example. When you need Cheltenham Blinds, visit a site like Other little touches can add to the feel of the room. Heated towel rails are a nice touch, especially in the colder months. Interestingly shaped mirrors soften the room, and so do window coverings.

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A romantic mood would only be complete with gentle background music. You can load your theme digitally and control it using a single remote. Speakers can be set up throughout the bedroom and bathroom to create a natural flow from one room to the other.

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