How to Keep a Warm and Cosy Home through Winter – Without a High Heating Bill!

It is essential to keep our homes warm during the winter. Homes that are too cold can pose a health risk, particularly to elderly people or young children and babies. But it can be expensive to heat homes and many people don’t want to put the heating on if they are trying to save money. Here are some good ways to save some money on your heating costs and make the heat in your home go a bit further…

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One of the ways that cold comes through the house is through the windows – go and stand by your window and feel the temperature! You can easily resolve this with a pair of thermal curtains – they will seal the heat into the house and stop the cold air from windows getting in, particularly if you have large windows or a glass door to the garden.

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A boiler is something that we should all pay care and attention to – looking after your boiler will mean that you have much more chance of it all running smoothly and efficiently and it will then save you money – make sure that you get a qualified professional to service it like this boiler service Cheltenham based company HPR services.

Look out for any places in your home that are letting in draughts – letterboxes, chimneys and pet doors are some of the main offenders. You can buy cheap products that will help you to prevent these draughts, as well as draught excluders for the bottoms of the doors.

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