How to Sell your House

Selling your house can be a stressful time and everyone wants to be able to sell up quickly and for the best price that they can get, as it can feel a little bit like being stuck in limbo! So here are some top tips for making sure that your house appeals to buyers and you get your house snapped up quickly so that you can move on to pastures new!

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Clean it up – During this time you want to make sure that your home is a clean as can be. Get professional cleaners in as soon as you put it on the market such as this carpet cleaning Gloucester based company who will be able to do  a thorough job. Also use fresh smelling reed diffusers and candles to create a pleasant smell for potential buyers to walk into and add to the clean feeling.

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Stick to Neutrals – If you have some vibrant wallpaper or bold coloured walls, this is the time to say goodbye to them and add in some neutral colours. Buyers want to see a blank canvas; this makes it easier to envisage what they will do with the house. White and magnolia are perfect tones to paint through the house.

Declutter – If you have a lot of clutter and personal possessions around the house box it up and put it in storage out of the way. A house that is less cluttered is easier to sell and also it gives you less to pack when you move as some of it is already boxed up!

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