How to Warm Up your Home for Less this Winter

As you know, the seasons come and go so fast there’s really no telling what lies around the corner. Ireland is well-known for its rather confusing weather patterns. One minute it’s a heat wave that has everyone sticking their heads in the fridge, and the next there’s a snowstorm bellowing through Dublin city which manages to knock off the electric in the process. When it comes to winter, it is better to be safe than sorry.

How to Warm Up your Home for Less this Winter

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Here are some easy ways you can warm up your house for less money during the colder months up ahead:

Thick Curtains

Thermal lined curtains are an effective way to keep heat in and the cold air out! Some people can even line their own curtains using fabrics such as fleece. In the same way that putting on extra layers keeps our bodies warmer, covering windows and even doors with thick curtains is a great way to keep the heat inside your home.

Double and Triple Glazed Windows

Double glazed windows in one thing, but TRIPLE glazed windows are in an entire league of their own. The only problem is that triple glazed windows are hard to come by. It is best to go to a reliable window supplier Dublin, such as Keane Windows. Here you will find heat efficient windows of every kind including double glazed and triple glazed windows that are corrosion resistant and internally glazed.

Clear Radiators

It can be easy to accidentally block heat from radiators. Many people use them to dry their damp clothes but what they fail to realise is the fact that doing so can limit the amount of heat output. By keeping your radiators clear, you are ensuring that all of the supplied heat is coming into the room instead of getting wasted elsewhere.

Home Insulation

One of the most effective ways to keep your house warm in the winter is by having the entire house insulated. The cheapest form of home insulation if rolls of foam insulation. This is usually placed in the loft or attic. According to the BBC, additional forms of home insulation include mineral wool, glass fibre and recycled paper products. You can easily carry out the task of laying these layers down yourself. However, you may prefer to have a professional come to your home to carry out the insulation on your behalf, which might save you quite a bit of time.

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