Ideas to decorate the floor with spray

We are sure that among the ideas you come to mind when decorating the floor of your home, is not that we propose today: decorate the ground with spray.

Think about it, in addition to original, can be one of the decorative tasks more fun to take out in your home, and if we hurry, in your life. All you’re going to ask for it, is that you put imagination and desire to have fun decorating, else Leave it to us!

Ideas to decorate the floor with sprayThe first thing to do to decorate the floor of your home with spray, is to acquire one or more of these. Normally, in decoration they are known as aerosols. You can find them in different sizes and manual or electric.

Depending on the skill and experience you have, we recommend the manual or the other, more professional. If you dare by electric, do not worry because the store is usually sold in a special container to engage the electric sprayer simple and intuitive way.

When painting the floor, you can do with a template or letting your imagination. If this is the first time you risk something, we recommend you start with simple drawings and use templates for it. You can also choose to place newspaper defining some spaces, so that you do not leave the drawing that you have planned. Once you gain more practice, you can unleash your creativity and start creating more complex designs without having to use any template . If you prefer, you can also hire a professional to decorate the floor of your home with this technique. In this way, you have secured a good result, although the cost will be higher than if you make for yourself, you decide!

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