Inventive uses if you have a flat roof.

Do you have a flat roof? If the answer is yes then you are quite wrong because no roofs are truly flat they all have a slight downward slope in them for rain run off. One thing is certain they all need a bit of love and care and a Flat Roofing Bristol company like are certainly up for that job.

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So if you can safely access it and it is able to support human weight, it’s vitally important that you check this first, what can you do with it?

  1. Make a driving range. Ok, so you will need to have an open field next to you and some protection so you don’t fall but it might be nice to get a mat up there and hit some zingers.

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  1. An Observatory. Why not go and buy a telescope and a star map. You might even spot Martians, although chances of anything coming from there are a million to one.
  2. A roof garden. This is by far the best idea. Get some nice pots and tables up there. You may be able to grow some lovely berry fruit and sun loving plants without any slug interference.

Check it can take the weight first!

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