Planning a Perfect Extension for your Home

For many people, rather than moving house, adding an extension to the current home is the best way forward. If you love the area you live in, get on well with your neighbours and generally like your home but feel you are running short of space, building an extension is a preferable option to moving more most people.

If this is the position that you are in and you want to add some extra space to your home with an extension, you may be thinking, where do I start?

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Well, the first thing to do is your research. Most home extensions need planning permission so it is a good idea to make sure that you have read up on the sorts of things that your local planning committee will accept. If you have neighbours who have extended their homes, it may also be a good idea to ask them about it and get some ideas and advice.

As well as this, you need to think about what sort of space you want to create and how you will use it – get a professional company such as this house extensions Solihull based company in to help you, as they will be able to offer advice and make suggestions too.

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It is also a good thing now to budget – plan what you can realistically afford to spend on an extension and how you will use it, investigate how much things cost so you don’t get part of the way through and run out of money!

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