Signs that your Boiler is Not Working Correctly

Your boiler is the heart of your central heating system, and during the winter months is one of the most important parts of our home! A boiler breaking down in the winter is not ideal, and then of course you must make sure that you have the boiler repaired by a qualified professional such as this boiler repair Cheltenham based company HPR Services.

So, what are the signs that your boiler is on the way out that you can keep a look out for and get it seen to before it stops working altogether?

A Bad Smell Around the Boiler – No boiler should smell so if yours does have a smell around it, you need to get someone to look at it. Although carbon monoxide itself has no odour, a smell coming from the boiler indicates that it is not working properly and could be emitting this toxic gas.

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Strange Noises – Most boilers make some noise for example when they are firing up, but if you have noticed new and unusual noises coming from your boiler there may well be something wrong with it. It may not be a big problem if you catch it at an early stage.

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Radiators not Heating up – If your radiators are not getting warm or are not as warm as they should be this could also indicate that something is wrong with your boiler. Also, if they have begun to take a long tome to reach the right temperature this could mean something is wrong.

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