Signs Your Chimney Stack Needs Repairing

  1. Cracks and erosion are visible

Some homeowners are able to spot damage when they can see that the mortar has eroded due to harsh weather conditions such as high winds. It’s vital to act quickly if you notice large pieces of masonry missing or crumbling brickwork. Cracks that are visible can also be a problem, as water could freeze and cause further expansion during cold weather. To resolve this, a weathered or older chimney may require work to be completed on its pointing.

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  1. The walls and ceilings are damp below the chimney

Brown staining around chimney stacks is usually caused by inadequate flashings or perhaps from guttering that has caused brick pointing to deteriorate. This can lead to damp in rooms below or even fungus decay in the timbers of the roof. Choosing good quality flashings will improve this issue. For a Roofing Company Gloucester, visit

  1. Your fireplace is letting in a downdraught

If you notice draughts coming from your home, it could be because your chimney pot has been damaged or is crooked. The pot provides extra height for the flue to block out cool air. Damaged chimney pots can cause rain or debris to fall down the flue. Sometimes urgent work is required, or you can install a chimney cap if your issue is related to draughts.

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  1. Rust on your fireplace

Rusty components in a fireplace may indicate that moisture or rain is entering through cracks. This could cause damage to the flue. Repairs may include roof and chimney repairs. A flue liner can protect the masonry while improving insulation.

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