Six tips for drying your laundry faster

In the cold winter and autumn seasons, drying clothes indoors can be a long-drawn-out affair. Clothes can take days to fully dry, and even then, can sometimes be left with a musty smell. Here are six tips for drying your laundry faster.

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Get a tumble dryer

Many homeowners are becoming more eco-conscious, but this doesn’t mean you have to eschew your tumble dryer. In fact, according to the Guardian, the long periods needed to dry clothes on a clothes horse can increase interior damp and cause health problems.

Many integrated tumble dryers such as those available at have eco cycles and are very energy efficient.

Reduce the load

Speaking of tumble dryers, it can be tempting to try and rinse every drop of value out of your washing and drying loads by over-filling. But doing so will actually make the drying cycle longer, and could potentially damage the dryer.

Try an extra spin

An extra spin cycle in the washing machine can reduce moisture, lessening your drying time.

Clothes horses and airers

A good quality clothes horse can also work wonders. So-called ‘drying pods’ come with tent-like hoods that can circulate hot air within and quicken the drying process. Some also have electric bars that can give an extra drying boost.

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Spread it out

It may seem obvious, but bunching up laundry on a drying rack does not make for the best drying. Make sure items are as spread out as possible, ideally over more than one rail in order to improve circulation.


Dehumidifiers can reduce the chances of damp in your home when drying clothes. But those with laundry settings can also do a great job of creating ideal conditions for drying clothes.

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