Small Bathroom Space-Savers

If you have a small bathroom, there are still plenty of clever ways to make space look bright and airy and fit in all the furniture you need. Whether you’re looking for smart ways to transform an existing bathroom or hoping to convert a cloakroom into an ensuite, here are some handy hints for getting the most out of small rooms:

  1. Toilets

There are a wide range of toilet options available for fitting into almost any space. For a tight space or unusually-shaped room, a corner toilet can be a solution. Alternatively, a wall-hung toilet makes a room look bigger and is much easier to clean as well. Toilets vary greatly in terms of size, so make sure you check any dimensions before you buy. Slim cisterns are available for reducing the distance a toilet sticks out into the room. A slim pan is also an option, particularly if you’re hoping to fit a basin alongside.

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  1. Storage

With a small bathroom, storage is usually the first thing to suffer. Thankfully, there are many space-saving ideas so that even the tiniest of rooms can still benefit from somewhere to store your loo rolls! Think about fitting a mirrored cabinet above a sink or a mirror with a built-in shelf. A narrow standing cabinet could be just the thing to fit in a corner or behind the door, and plenty of wall-mounted options to keep the floor space clear. Shower caddies make use of wall space that would otherwise be wasted and make the perfect place to store bottles. For Bathroom Furniture Northern Ireland, visit

  1. Baths

Don’t immediately assume that a cramped space means you can’t have a bath. Installing a straight bath saves space and they are available in many different lengths. Another clever storage idea is to use the side and end panels to provide hidden storage. This is the perfect solution to keeping bath products and towels close to hand but tidied out of the way. Shower baths are another consideration for restricted spaces. These are clever multi-tasking set-ups, combining a space for showering at one end with the comfort of a bath built-in.

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  1. Décor

There are many ways you can use your décor to make your bathroom look bigger. If you want to use tiles on the walls, using larger tiles with a simple design will appear more spacious and uses less lines of grout. Neutral colours work well, for example, whites, creams, light greys and pale shades, as they reflect light back around the room. Keep surfaces light, glossy and incorporating elements with a soft sheen are further ways to keep a space airy and spacious.

  1. Sinks

This is one main piece of bathroom furniture that can take up considerable space. Think about installing a wall-hung basin to immediately clear additional floor space. Floating basins that sit flat against a wall or a corner sink are both options that work well in a small bathroom. You might also wish to consider installing one tap hole with a mixer to further streamline your unit and leave extra room for soap and other accessories.

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