Sweets like a cake, kitchens are aimed at the vintage renovated

The vintage kitchens are in vogue. Many are inclined to this type of aesthetic; and we can not deny that it is a cozy, charming and sweet style, very sweet, which never fails to renew Want to get a vintage kitchen in your house? We show all the keys…

The wood returns with force

When we think of vintage kitchens, it is impossible not to associate with wood ; And is that, of always, this material has been one of the preferred by this decorative style. Now the wood again, and does so in the form of warm fronts that blend perfectly with the sweetest colors. Choose light tones, which give light to the room, something essential when it comes to cooking.

Sweets like a cake, kitchens are aimed at the vintage renovatedPastel colors on furniture

In an atmosphere of vintage decoration , furniture lines are reminiscent of the past. Now, far from betting only by white or wood, you can enter pastel colors in your kitchen , alternating front to get a more original and less burdensome result.

Bet on the reliefs

For a long time the smooth fronts have been trend. The modern kitchens still use these units, however, the vintage is more inclined to the doors with frames and decor varies. In addition, also they return the handles , in this case as decorative and functional element. You can choose a myriad of models, from straight shooters to shooters more visually risky like those that have a shell shape.

Vintage countertops for your kitchen

Although countertops synthetic have been a revolution, the vintage kitchens seeking a little more classic materials. Those of natural stone, such as marble, become very strong in the renovated vintage. An affordable alternative to this material is to choose countertops made of wood chips and covered with decorative laminates that mimic marble.

The wood is still another of the big winners in vintage tops . Many times we tend to think that they are less resistant and not durable, but these worktops are treated to withstand moisture. A good maintenance, which happens to clean them daily, will keep them in perfect condition and best of all is that they are much more economical than natural and synthetic stones.

Shelves and shelves

A comfortable, functional and economical solution. The vintage kitchens recover the concept of shelves in the air , in which the kitchen equipment was available to view, integrating, therefore, in the decoration. These shelves can be made of wood or the same color as the front of your furniture. An ideal place to place your dishes or to include decorative pieces such as plants, books or vases.

Paint your walls

If you want to make a minimal investment, a simple renewal goes through paint your walls . Choose pastel colors that can highlight your furniture so, whether they are white or wood tone. The pastel blue paint, for example, is great to accompany the white kitchens. The green or even the rose, will be the perfect complement for the wooden fronts.

Wallpaper, an excellent solution

The perfect alternative for the walls in a vintage kitchen is the wallpaper . As in the case of wood countertops, there is a popular belief about this material. Many think it is not suitable for environments such as the kitchen or bathroom. Nothing is further from reality. The truth is that there are special wallpapers, both for one and the other. They are vinyl papers that resist without problem moisture and steam. Bet on retro designs, almost psychedelic, will be the perfect complement to a neutral kitchen.

Tiles type meter and hydraulic coatings

On floors and tiles the trend is clear. There are many options, but there are certainly winners and type subway tiles and hydraulic coatings imitation. The subway tiles are ideal for placing them on the kitchen wall, but there is nothing wrong with a nice geometric mosaic.

As for the soil, but can also use wood, or ground synthetic wood, a trend that convinces, and much, it is to mix tiles that mimic the hydraulic with this coating. The contrast is very stimulating, recreating a kitchen with aesthetic vintage, but with current materials.

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