The Benefits Of Organic Lawn Fertiliser

The benefits of organic lawn fertiliser are clear. It is free from chemicals, it is completely natural and your lawn will look better in no time at all. The main thing that many people don’t realise is that organic fertiliser helps the soil to retain moisture for longer and prevents the accumulation of fungus and bacteria. For more information on gardening supplies including Black Spot on Roses Remedy at a site like Green Acres Black Spot on Roses Remedy

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Organic lawn fertiliser is particularly beneficial around the colder months. It helps keep the ground damp and prevents the weed seeds from freezing and setting seed. They can survive the winter but once spring hits things become busier as there are more grass blades to feed on, and more weeds to pull out. This means that you will need to apply the organic lawn fertilizer more often to keep the lawn looking lush and green.

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There are other benefits of organic lawn fertiliser that most people don’t even consider. They include the fact that it is safe for the environment and that there is no chance of it containing any harmful pesticides. This is of vital importance because many areas are being threatened with pollution and by the increase in instances of gardeners using herbicides and pesticides on their gardens there is now little protection from these pollutants. In fact studies have shown that they could pose serious health risks to humans if sufficient quantities are found in the soil.

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