The decor can affect your mood

Many people are not aware of it, but the truth is that home decoration can influence, much in the mood of all who live in it. Therefore, when put various dwelling houses are important that you consider all the choices you make (colors, furniture, accessories, textiles …) affect not only the perception of space but your emotions. So you must devote to this task time and effort.

Today I want to give more details on how it influences the decoration on your mood, giving you some tips for the effects it has on your emotions are completely positive. Would you like to join us? We assure you will not regret!

The decor can affect your mood


One of the factors that most influence the mood is lighting. And, of course, you will not feel like if you have to spend time in a rather dark room if you do it in a room that fully provides otherwise, ie, very bright. In this regard, you should know that natural light is best suited to create a sense of wellbeing in people because it stimulates the production of serotonin and endorphins and helps regulate heartbeat. Beyond the natural light, you know that stays bright encourage creativity and generate optimism. Of course, when it comes to illuminating the different rooms of the home it is also important to consider their respective roles. For example, in a corner of relaxation, it is always better to opt for warm artificial lights.


As you know, the colors also influence much in the mood. Therefore, experts recommend different tones decoration depending on the function of each room, the square footage, natural light or what you will get it. So, the first thing to consider is that the most recommendable for fall and winter colors are warm colors since they increase the warmth, while the cool colors are ideal for summer and spring, as they provide stays visually cooler.

On the other hand, you know that some warm colors like orange and red are very suitable for enhancing the feeling of joy. However, it is recommended not to use excessively in the rooms, as they can also generate a sense of aggressiveness. Instead, cool colors like blue or green are ideal for converting space into quiet and relaxing. Therefore, they are highly recommended for stays as the bedroom or the bathroom. Of course, keep in mind that overused, they can also transmit coldness and also create a depressing state.


Of course, we also want to talk about the smells, of course, also have much influence on the mood of people. So, ideally, your home always smells fresh and clean without the smell that breathes becomes cloying. As you know, we do remember the smells places, situations, and people, so you must choose carefully the aromas of your home, depending on whether you want to generate a sense of calm, joy…

Other tips

On the other hand, you know that the disorder causes chaos within. Therefore, it is important that you try that your home is always in order. In addition, we recommend you do not fill the rooms of furniture, but the spaces remain clear. It is also important to surround yourself with natural materials, ventilate the house several times a day, adding flowers and plants, and place objects that bring good memories.

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