The eternal battle. To have Blinds or Curtains?

One of the biggest decisions you will have to make in your home is whether to have blinds or curtains. This is a big decision, and it can have huge ramifications for the home and what it looks like for years to come. Blinds are a very practical solution, but they have started to become much more decorative as well to counter criticism that they are not artistic enough. Something else to factor in when you are making this decision, is the fact that as well as people like this boilers Cheltenham based company some types of blinds and curtains can also contribute to keeping your home warm in the winter. What are the benefits of both?

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Blinds are more practical. They are easier to remove and clean, however they don’t fit in the washing machine so the use of wet wipes and antibacterial wipes are really what is needed here. Blinds score over curtains as they are not so cumbersome and can easily be fitted into a window space plus they do not take up so much room.

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However, Curtains seem to have that luxury edge, don’t they? There is a degree of heritage and pride as you sweep them aside to let in the morning sunlight to flood the room, or draw them across to keep out the cold of the night and the heat in. Blinds can do just the same. Maybe there is something just as romantic as you pull the pulley to slowly light them up and let the light gently enter the room. It’s just what’s best for you at the end of the day and you could always compromise and have a combination.

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