The perfect table for Valentine’s Day

The key appointment for these celebrations usually dinner, which is expected with a romantic suspense during the day, but there celebrating a breakfast, a meal … or all of them! I leave here 4 elements that cannot miss, either at the time of day it is, at a table prepared with love.

Brand tablecloth

Very probably you eat together every day, so to give a radical change to that table that have so view is essential to start by dressing long. It is the perfect brand new time table cloth, and step accompanies an exclusive selection of textile accessories: cloth napkins, cushions matching to be more comfortable at the table or even a rug to give more warmth to the space. Ideally adapt this to a romantic aesthetic, but you can also follow can simply choose a style that you may know that will appeal to your guest. One idea: Do you know the roads table? They are ideal for a table for two…

The perfect table for Valentines DayRomantic ceramics

Bring out your best china and combinable with textiles that I have mentioned before. A set of porcelain give you a perfect delicate touch to a nice table. You can choose light colors in this material to contrast with the red brushstrokes featured in this day. Prepare also pieces of cutlery and kitchenware that usually do not yet use as bowls for bread for some sweet. Do not forget one sparkling wine to cool the wine or champagne with which binderies for many more years together.

The candlelight

Only use natural light candles on our table Love is as classic as effective remedy to create atmosphere. But sometimes it is too short in terms of functionality, so I recommend you combine this type of central foci with some additional lighting (if it is night, of course). If you will not abandon the option of candles or candelabras, colocad any more than the table itself on the furniture around to give a surround effect. Another alternative is to use a lamp adjustable auxiliary to help create a sense of intimacy very nice with a dim light. Combining this environment with some background music will be the icing on the cake.

Not only red dresses love

As I said before, reds and roses are usually preferred for these occasions for being the colors that represent love and passion. Its use in different shades can be very beautiful, even its combination with gold or silver elements, but we must bear in mind that it is a very strong color and used in excess can be very burdensome. The intention is that the table is a relaxed place to enjoy the food and company, especially on this special day, so the last thing you will want is to become a stifling environment. I encourage you to try new color combinations, using white and even textures such as wood, cardboard or printed. Nor forget to add a custom item, like a handwritten letter, a drawing, a small handmade decor … in the middle of the table, next to a vase, either sides and not missing the flowers!

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