The Quirky, Market Town of Stroud Supplying Quality Concrete to the County

Located at the meeting point of the Five Valleys, beneath the stunning escarpment of the Cotswold Hills is the quirky, Market Town of Stroud in Gloucestershire. Surrounded by an area of Natural Outstanding Beauty it is a very popular place to live, work and raise a family.  This tight-knit community of slightly eccentric yet passionate people are proud to support local businesses such as who supply quality Concrete Stroud to the Commercial and Residential property owners of the County. After carefully assessing your individual plans this highly experienced and professional Team can deliver the bespoke amount of Concrete you need.  Whether you just want to lay a new driveway or patio or you need larger volumetric batches for a grand scale commercial project this is the Team to supply those needs.

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Stroud is an eclectic mix of individuals well-known for their efforts in trying to protect the environment, helping to reduce Global Warming and positively affecting Climate Change.  This passionate band of locals are proud of the way one of their businesses is helping to supply bespoke amounts of quality Concrete Stroud, ensuring minimal wastage and saving property owners time and money.

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With a modern, innovative precision mixing system and a fleet of lorries specifically adapted to transport volumetric batches of Concrete anywhere in the County this is a highly experienced and dedicated team of professionals.

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