Three Big Mistakes to Avoid When you are Building an Extension

An extension can give you a much better lifestyle and more space without the need to move house. Whether you want an extra bedroom, a home office or a larger amount of living space downstairs, a home extension adds to the value of the property too, so it is certainly something that is worth doing if you are not keen on the idea of moving, especially with the housing market looking so uncertain at the moment.

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However, it is important to try to avoid some of the common mistakes that many people can make when they decide to add an extension – here are some of the things to make sure you don’t do…

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Going for the Cheapest Option – Of course we all want to keep costs low and save money where possible, but when it comes to builders, cheaper is not always the best option. Getting professional builders in your area by searching for building companies Bristol like this is easy with the internet, but make sure that you have a thorough conversation with them about the materials, timescale and ask to see previous examples of their work to avoid getting a cowboy builder in.

Not getting permission – It is essential that you always check whether you need planning permission when you are doing any work to your home and adding on to it. Although it can be a pain, what is much worse is not getting permission and then being ordered to take the structure down when you have built it.

Not Speaking to Your Neighbours – When you are doing building work this can be a nightmare for your neighbours to live with, so speaking to them about what you are planning to do is courteous and respectful.

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