Three Electrical Issues that Could be Dangerous

We all experience electrical issues in the home from time to time. Much of the time, they sort themselves out or are harmless if a little annoying, but some electrical problems can be very dangerous.

Even a problem that starts off small, if it is not seen to and repaired by a professional like this Cheltenham electrician it has the potential to be dangerous and could cause a fire or an electric shock, so no matter how small, it is always wise to be cautious when it comes to problems with electrics.

These are some of the common problems that you should get checked out if you are experiencing them…

Circuit Breakers Tripping Regularly – The circuit breakers in our homes are designed to help keep us safe from electrical issues. If you have this trip as a one off, this is generally not a cause for alarm, however, if it is something that happens fairly often, this could be a sign of a dangerous problem, such as too many appliances operating on a circuit or a wiring problem.

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A Burning Smell from a Socket – If you notice a burning smell coming from a socket or a light switch this could definitely be a cause for concern. The smell often comes from the insulation burning which means that is potentially going to cause an electrical fire.

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Lights Dimming or Flashing on and Off – If you are having trouble with lights that seem to always be flickering, there are many causes for this, from circuits being overloaded to faulty bulbs or even using the wrong bulbs for the light.

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