Three things you didn’t know you could salvage

Property owners are becoming more discerning about the features they include in their homes. Rather than looking for items that are mass produced, more and more owners are searching for unique pieces that make their home really stand out. Salvaging furniture is becoming increasingly popular and is a great way of creating a bespoke item. Many people are aware of salvaging and upcycling, but you might be surprised by some of the things you can use.

Three things you didnt know you could salvage

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Building materials

As consumers become savvier with their money, upcycling and architectural salvage has become a way of creating the look they want for less. Some of the estimates on the value of the upcycling industry in the UK put it at as much as 40% of the country’s craft industry, which is worth £3bn in total. Building materials are often simply thrown away during renovation projects; however, these can be turned into something new with a little creativity. Salvaged timber can be used in a fireplace to create a rustic look, for example, while smaller items such as bespoke door knockers can add interesting features to a property.

Transportation components

Even parts of planes, trains and cars can be used in salvage projects. The majority of these materials are turned into furniture, such as tables or desks; however, with the increase in more extreme salvagers, such parts are also being utilised in some rather unusual ways. Take David Hertz, an architect living in Malibu, who used what was left of a Boeing 747 aircraft when it was decommissioned to build his own unique home. Most people don’t take salvaging so seriously, but this example does show the possibilities.

Church features

Churches can offer a variety of beautiful and decorative pieces that are perfect for salvage projects, with companies such as specialising in salvaging one-off items and reselling them. These items could include church pews, which would make an ideal seating option when placed around a large kitchen table or bench. Stained glass windows are also popular and can be reused in doorways or to add a unique element to a window.

With the variety of options available, salvaging architectural features enables home owners to give their property a personalised feel rather than simply following what everyone else is doing.

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