Tips for looking after your drains

Drains that aren’t looked after can result in blockages which are a major pain to sort out, so it makes sense to take the easy route and try to take proper care of your pipes, thus preventing problems from arising in the first place. If you do have issues, consider Drain Lining from Wilkinson Env

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The golden rule: prevention is the best medicine

If you want to avoid the inconvenience and costs associated with blockages, the key is making sure you’re aware of the bad habits that lead to pipes getting clogged in the first place, and make small changes to your habits to avoid the potential problem from the beginning.

Here are a few important pipe maintenance tips that can make a big difference:

Note the substances that you have as waste, and the daily behaviour that may damage the health of your water lines. Rinsing dishes with food on, washing your hair and pouring oil in the plughole are common examples.

Invest in a guard – a small steel or plastic disc that goes on top of the plughole – to capture the remnants of smaller bits that would have disappeared down the plughole, not allowing it to be taken and meaning it can be thrown in the trash instead.

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Take care to dispose of non-soluble products such as cooking fat, oil and coffee grounds in the bin, rather than letting it go down the plughole. When it comes to oil waste, get used to pouring it straight into an empty container, before disposing of it in the bin after it has cooled.

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