Tips for revamping our living room

Has the amount of time we have all been spending at home as a result of the current pandemic that has swept across the globe got you looking at your living space and wondering how you can give it a bit of a spruce. Here are some suggestions on ways in which you can give your living room a makeover without having to spend vast amounts of money.

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Accent wall – if you don’t want to redecorate your entire living room why not look at having an accent wall.  You Can achieve this either with paint or wallpaper and it is surprising how much it can lift a room and make it look completely different from before with very little effort or expense.

Window coverings – why not contact a Curtains Tewkesbury company and have some curtains made from bright and vibrant fabrics that will match with your walls and give your room an instant new look. You can also match these to your soft furnishings.

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Soft furnishings – if your walls are in a fairly neutral colour you can change the feel of your room by buying different coloured furnishings. It may be that in spring and summer you want brighter coloured items and you may go for more muted tones in the autumn and winter months. This can sometimes be a more practical way to change the feel of a room rather than repainting your walls.

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