Wet Underfloor Heating or Conventional Radiators? Things to Consider

Many people think of underfloor heating as a real luxury. It is hard to beat the feeling of walking into a bathroom in your hotel to find the floor is heated. Returning home to find cold tiles in the bathroom just adds to the holiday blues. What should be considered before making this investment?

Wet Underfloor Heating or Conventional Radiators

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What Are the Main Pros and Cons?

Installing underfloor heating is certainly more expensive and causes more disruption than conventional radiators. Associated with this is the perception that underfloor systems can leak or become blocked, resulting in disruptive and expensive repairs. Most people only consider wet underfloor heating during a renovation or new-build. For single small rooms, electric underfloor heating could be considered.

Designers certainly enjoy the extra flexibility in room design when radiators do not have to be hidden or worked around. Radiators are difficult to paint and can collect and trap dust. However, they are good at warning a room within 20 minutes, whereas underfloor systems typically take around two hours, so a little more planning may be required. Your lifestyle will determine your preference.

Costs and Unforeseen Consequences

There are consequences to having warm floors when floors are set to be too hot. Just remember not to the leave your box of chocolates on the floor, as otherwise they can get rather soft, and also consider your pets.

The energy usage difference between wet underfloor heating and radiators will not be large. Selecting a modern efficient boiler or changing fuel type will certainly have a greater effect. Energy-saving advice is available here: http://www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/domestic/improving-my-home/heating-and-hot-water.

Generally, it is thought that boilers for wet underfloor heaters run at a lower temperature and that may help with the efficiency of some boilers. As an example, http://www.glowzone.co.uk/boiler_repair_servicing.html can describe what is typically available for a new boiler or estimate the cost of boiler repair in Brighton.

If you want that luxury feel and some real comfort in your home, then it might be a good idea to consider underfloor heating. However, luxury always comes at a price. If you like sleeping in a warm room, then as your feet touch the floor you will always have a smile on your face, and that is a great way to start the day.

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