How to Look After a Big Garden

Looking after a larger garden is obviously much more time consuming than looking after a smaller one. But the benefits that you have from having a large garden are huge. One of the best things is having the ability to be able to create lots of smaller areas – a play area for the kids, a barbeque area for the summer days and a garden room for when you want to spend time in the garden, but the weather isn’t so great (an essential if you live in Britain!)

As long as you are organised and use a few tricks, then it doesn’t need to be difficult to look after a larger garden – here are a couple of ideas if you are feeling a little daunted by yours…

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Get a ride on lawnmower – This is essential if you have a large garden as it will save you lots of time and effort! Look after your lawnmower well and it will last you many years – you can buy replacement Briggs and Stratton parts for your mower from many places such as Briggs Bits and as long as you do regular maintenance as you would with any machinery, your mower will last you years.

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Make a jobs list – If you are feeling daunted by the number of jobs that need doing, break it down into a list and do one a day. This way it is much easier and once done it is much easier to maintain. Jobs like painting the fence for a example, once done do not need to be done too regularly.

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