Capitalise on Valentine’s Day with Sharing Dishes

Valentine’s Day is always a busy time of year for restaurants as couples seek to dine out on this romantic day. Catering suppliers need to be ready to provide all the extra equipment required for such a busy period. Restaurants should be ready not only with new menus but also the right romantic atmosphere and the marketing ability to create promotions for Valentine’s Day.

Capitalise on Valentines Day

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One great idea for this time of year is the innovation of “sharing dishes”, giving diners the chance to share a meal together. This provides an intimate feel for diners and also adds a fun element of entertainment as they decide who gets which part of the meal. Sharing recipes can be interesting alternatives to regular meals as they need to be bigger is size to feed two people while also giving different options depending on the tastes of the diners.

Sharing Lunches and Breakfasts

Sharing meals do not always have to be dinners. Valentine’s Day is not all about the evening meal; many people want to share a romantic lunch or even a breakfast. Sharing meals can be a shared platter of pancakes for breakfast or a shared selection of sandwiches for lunch. Desserts are another ideal element of a meal for sharing. Valentine’s Day lends itself well to sharing chocolate and other sweets.

With sharing meals, restaurants can also cut down on the washing up required as two diners will often only dirty one larger plate instead of two smaller plates. Although commercial dishwashers, such as those available at 247cateringsupplies, can cope very well with large quantities of plates, dishes and cutlery, reducing the number of items needed to be washed at one time improves the cleaning ability of the machine.

Preparation for Valentine’s Day

By adding sharing dishes to the menu on Valentine’s Day, restaurants can enjoy a fun new meal option, give a more intimate feeling to diners, and reduce the amount of dishes to be cleaned. It is important to promote the new menu, while arrangements in restaurants also need to take into consideration the romance of the occasion. This means the dining room needs to include flowers and candles, plenty of tables for two, soft music, and romantic food options such as champagne and oysters in addition to sharing dishes.

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