Doggie days: some fun canine ideas for the weekend

There are lots of fun things to do with your dog at the weekends, including going to the park, playing games, learning tricks, taking a dog training course, going for a run, hiking, visiting a dog grooming salon and going to the beach if you live near enough. One of the most recent doggie treat days to take off in the UK is the dog grooming day, where you take your canine to the salon for pampering treatments. Read on to explore more about grooming days and other fun ideas for weekends with your dog.

Doggie days

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Energetic days out

For a high-energy weekend trip, you can take your dog on an agility course. There are a number of agility trials around the country that test your dog’s speed, strength and agility through a range of fun obstacle courses; for example, one on the beach at Hemsby offered a day of fun and challenges for dogs. This type of course offers a great way for your dog to let off some steam while giving him or her an exciting challenge.

There are plenty of other high-energy activities available, of course, with taking your dog for a long walk or hike a wonderful way to bond with your pet. Walking is good for fitness levels and improves obedience. Another way to improve your dog’s ability to obey commands is to take a training course. These can be fun at the same time as being informative and you will have a more balanced, respectful dog and hopefully a range of new commands at your fingertips.

Relaxing days out

Pet grooming is big business these days, as profits at Pets at Home have proved. A grooming day is a more relaxing way to spend time with your pet, while others who want a break can drop their dog off at a grooming salon and pick him or her up later looking relaxed, smart and pampered. Whether you are looking for dog grooming in Cheltenham or a grooming salon in another city, there are plenty of top-quality options that won’t break the bank, such as Blossoms Pet Care.

Other ideas include dog parks, charity events, dog shows, ball play and Frisbee. With so many exciting activities to enjoy with your dog, there is no excuse for staying at home!

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